The HOYOS Communicator Smartphone is a Smart Security Appliance™ that generates and secures your communications, data, identity, network, and cloud storage.

HOYOS INTEGRITY is deploying a “Security-as-a-Service” solution that integrates a unique and revolutionary smart device architecture, starting with the HOYOS Communicator Smartphone, a Smart Security Appliance™. To then be followed up by a diversified portfolio of devices in our secure communications ecosystem road map such as: tablets, desktops, laptops, servers, and routers. Key features include:

  • Unique Operating System that is impervious to hacking and is used to safeguard aircraft like the Airbus A380, Boeing 787, military systems and critical infrastructure. The HOYOS Communicator will be the first to incorporate this Operating System into a mobile device.

  • The HOYOS Communicator also uses the same controller that crontrols the US's nuclear bombers and nuclear weapons fleet

  • Operates globally on LTE/GSM and WiFi networks, providing data and voice capability with a 24/7/365- 911 global assist center

  • HOYOS Identity - Our suite of proprietary biometric software linking your fingerprints, face, and voice to your identity, securing your device

  • An advanced suite of secure communication apps that allow for complete privacy when making calls, sending text messages or email

The HOYOS Communicator Smartphone is purpose built from the ground up for safety, reliability and security. As part of its pedigree history, Green Hills Software™ has developed a secure Operating System with no detectable vulnerabilities. This Operating System is similar to the Operating Systems used in devices and technology such as military vehicles, civilian aircraft, automobiles, and private and supervisory control devices for over the past 18 years.